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What you choose talks about you, it tells who you are.

Extraordinary, keeping the world’s pace and being at the same time conscious that beauty takes time. Exactly like Lotyere bags: manufactured with the slowness of gestures that belong to a centuries-old tradition, but so smart to fulfill the role of utility.

Apparently simple but full of surprises, just like the women soul. With hand-painted border finishing and a structural perfection that reminds architecture, built on volumes, geometries, magnetic closures, leather interiors. 

Product Features

Shopper in garnet calfskin. Shopping bag characterized by the semi-rigid appearance of the dials and soft sides, makes it special the zip on the head that allows it to close tightly, can be carried by hand or under the arm. High quality of leather also internal side. Easy to open with the double zip on the top. Elegance and refinement blend with versatility and breadth of space, with dosed compartments inside.

The Shopper Bag gives substance to the concept of discreet opulence that characterizes each Lotyere object. The wealth of details, of partitions, of pockets and functional accessories is opposite to the minimalism of the outer part. The geometrical shape and the softness of the sides produce a perfect balance, due to the ability of Lotyere craftsmen.
The interior has been studied to host different devices in a functional way and to fit different needs, with magnets to keep the closing tight. Matte finishes on the borders are made by hand using wax, when the whole process is over; the end result gives the sensation of perfect craftsmanship.

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Tarnish free and hypoallergenic

Tarnish free and hypoallergenic

Tarnish free and hypoallergenic

Tarnish free and hypoallergenic

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