The whole is made of little parts that complete the picture. Lotyere acts for the maximum satisfaction of people who choose the brand. Because Lotyere’s accessories are done with the same care that we put in any single moment, before, during and after sales. Not for duty, but for passion. The concept of atelier is back, but it fits the mobility and ductility of digital society. Here, lies Lotyere uniqueness. Objects are totally created and manufactured in Italy, with the integrity that allows to keep promises.

Slow Production
for better Results

True craftsmanship reveals through ninety different elements, through the hand-painted and polished finishing, through the manual steps accomplished in accordance with ancient rules. But it’s not enough yet. Lotyere’s world is unique also for the ability to bring craftsmanship beyond tradition and let it become “technological”: with the magic of function hidden inside. A symbol of this ability is what we call “Embossatura”, a curve line emerging on the surface of leather, that can provide a total, sensory experience.

A style hyperbole that can be reached only through high craftsmanship. But behind leather craftsmen and Italian skilled workers the concept of function never stops influencing the process. Smart craftsmanship is the synthesis of Lotyere innovation. An evolved and perfect atelier, where the slowness of gestures creates objects designed to go fast. 

How people style it

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