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Design & Style

Where the Minimalism concept meets the opposite value of a researched and special Opulence.
Discreet opulence enclosed in the minimalism of the form.

Minimalism & Opulence Design

The design collection appears minimal but refined, sober but exclusive, a timeless aesthetic. Logo and small parts are never intrusive. Refined lines embellished with metal details covered with gold.

Aesthetics is combined with the sensorial aspect; each product is designed to stimulate the senses: the sight, the sinuous shapes of the products, the smell of the perfume of the materials used, the soft touch of the leathers. The new highly versatile formats attract even the youngest female audience.

The functionality of the product is intimate, never screamed. A pleasant experience of practicality enclosed in a collection of high aesthetic appeal. The age-old expertise of the craftsmen with the required Italian manpower makes it possible to reach levels of excellence; craftsmanship embraces the concept of origin that goes beyond the made in Italy, to accommodate the broader one of belonging to an Italian culture of style, manufacturing and management.

Italian is the entrepreneur, the design and the internal style office, as well as the producers identified in the regions of greatest excellence.

Authentic Style 

Architecture is based on harmony and technique. Lotyere is inspired by geometry of pure lines, by the rationality of architectural design, taking inspiration from existing buildings and objects but infusing into accessories the discreet and elegant charm of glamour. Functionality springs from the origin, from the creation of the object, meeting the aesthetical perfection of a 100% made in Italy. In each accessory, accuracy and softness are the dual poles that give birth to the perfect synthesis or, as we love to say, “perfectible”. That means aiming to the best result possible.

The art of savoir-faire is not only expressed in the Lotyere product, but in the logic of its customer obsessed services. The sense of satisfaction of its customers is the Lotyēre priority: it personalizes the product not only on the aesthetic needs of the consumer, but also on functional ones. Lotyēre: shoulder straps and handles are offered to measure according to the physical conformation, the shoulder straps adapt to any type of height, the shapes to each handle, a discreet sartorial elegance that shapes the skin on every desire.

How people style it

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