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What’s the meaning of functional aesthetic? It means drawing comfort together with beauty. It means a hidden compartment where you can put clothes and shoes for gym; a zip that closes without making noise; a leather interior that can host a 13’’ computer; soft and sinuous sides to extend the capacity of the bag; an ergonomic detail to keep the backpack a little far from the body, to make it less heavy to carry; an internal partition to protect objects even when the bag is open. It means tumbled leather, that cannot be spoiled by water and stains. Lotyere accessories distinguish themselves for extreme lightness, together with the solidity of a multifunctional object. Pragmatism never undermines the immediate charm of the object.

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More Value for Daily Needs

The Lotyere "functionality approach" is based on a meticulous attention to daily needs in terms of practicality, versatility, use, consumption. We combine different lifestyles from professional to more playful. We do all this just daily observing our Clients and their needs and using a real and spontaneous direct dialog with them. All this moved our product to get the definition of real smart luxury objects.