Top Handle Medium

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The bag is made of full grain leather calfskin and is characterized by practicality and resistance, with a capacity exploited at best with the presence of pockets and internal zip.

The interior made of taupe lambskin enhances the softness to the touch and at the same time releasing a refined scent of genuineness in the materials, as well as the presence of light points of the metals in gold galvanic important thickness ensures the gloss over time and allows it to be exposed to very high temperature changes without bringing alterations.

Shape & Design 

The shape of the handle as well as the front seal and inside the puller all take together the lines that characterize the Logo and at the same time maintain cleanliness and elegance not wanting to exceed in showy forms of visual expression of the brand itself. The cleanliness is virtuously intertwined with games of construction and technique of great Italian craftsmanship, which amplify the pleasure of being worn.

Product Inspirational Mood

The refinement of the Form plays on cleaning the lines, side broken inside bringing the memory to the most refined and exclusive architecture of the first experimental Palaces in New York 900 remembering the Palace known as Iron. The Fuller Building, better known as the Flatiron Building ("iron"), with its 86.9 meters high upon its completion in 1902 was one of the tallest buildings in New York City.

More Details

The split front flap with an octagonal shape at the base, enhances the delicate balance between sharp lines and soft curves, enhancing both the upper and lower part of the bag.

The flexibility of the handle allows a comfortable but durable portability of the bag with a width of light that can comfortably accommodate the entrance of the arm even with outerwear with a sleeve and thickness more bulky.

The shape of the curved and soft corners at the base allows the housing of the Feet hiding them at first glance making it even cleaner from the aesthetic point of view, allowing the bag a muffled support pleasantly soft hearing.

The broken sides with a play of continuity between lines and curves makes its view pleasant but without taking away space to the product in its capacity of housing inside.

Metals worked with a 24 carat gold galvanic with a thickness of 0.5mm employ inside them antiallergic raw materials, told with an elegant and sober laser engraving of the Logo, allowing its clear legibility but without compromising the elegant effect given by gold.

Opening and Closing of the Flap operated simply by leveraging the Front Seal (L/TO) that moves inside a hook lever with magnetic input and facilitated, enhancing the cleanliness of the lines but maintaining its innate functionality and practicality.

The extension of the Color Proposal with a pastel light treatment allows a wide versatility of combinations.