The bag is made of full grain leather calfskin and is characterized by an extremely clean shape where there are no points of interruption between the handle and the central and lower part of the product.

The elegance of the refined shape of the handle enhanced by the buckle with internal entrance ensuring cleanliness and practicality in the position change, are reinforced by two invisible side pockets perfectly integrated with the shape of the bag.

Shape & Design 

The high opening with Zip mono scroll (characterized by a half moon shape), allowing an easy entry of the hand, is designed in such a way that flows in both directions allowing an opening even with the bag on the shoulder.

The compact size but at the same time roomy inside with the presence of more vertical open pockets and a zip closure, allows its use not only on the shoulder but also carried. In this regard, the change of position of the handle is facilitated by the buckle designed and made ad hoc to allow an immediate and smooth internal passage of the handle and its lock/ unlock in extreme ease.

The refinement of Gold Metal Details

The brilliance of the buckle that remains on the back once worn the product as well as the customization on the front of the logo printed in special gold color give refinement to the product and at the same time recognizable.

The presence of the feet on the raised and worked bottom of the bag gives a pleasant shimmer as a whole, but without ever being intrusive.

More Details

The shape of the curved and soft corners at the base allows the housing of the Feet hiding them at first glance making it even cleaner from the aesthetic point of view, allowing the bag a muffled support pleasantly soft hearing.

Metals worked with a 24 carat gold galvanic with a thickness of 0.5mm employ inside them antiallergic raw materials, told with an elegant and sober laser engraving of the Logo, allowing its clear legibility but without compromising the elegant effect given by gold.

The quick opening on the top of the handle by means of the buckle allows you to adjust the length of the handle allowing a dual use both carried on the shoulder and by hand, as well as adapt the bag to different situations by changing from a heavy to a light.

The extension of the Color Proposal with a pastel light treatment allows a wide versatility of combinations.