Bespoke Tales

There is a world of class, style, emotion and quality.

A world where the things that matter take shape and create products that can talk about you.

Garments and accessories can represent our personality through precious details, never shouted, discreet and at the same time able to impose themselves in the eyes of those who know how to recognize high quality.

A world made of demanding, attentive people, who are not willing to wear a widespread luxury brand. They do not recognize themselves in the sometimes bizarre inspiration of the creative director of the famous brand, but prefer to dialogue with companies that listen to them, with whom to build their own and unique style. 

From the collaboration between Lotyere and prestigious tailors comes an event reserved for lovers of Bespoke.

 The world of Bespoke goes beyond the concept of tailoring. It’s a habit of thinking, an approach that prefers the choice of personalized garments and accessories, able to emanate your essence, already at first glance. It is with this promise that we are pleased to invite you to an event reserved for a few. An event created to allow you to experience first-hand the excellence of the master craftsmen and the Italian taste for style.

We want you to live a path that can stimulate your desire to express yourself. We invite you to do so at the Showroom Lotyere in Milan, in Corso Monforte 7.

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A journey along the threads of the tale of Lotyere and prestigious tailors.

A path of sounds, scents, of contact with the most precious leathers and fabrics. A journey of deepening in the artisan and sartorial culture of the true "Made in Italy" and then let yourself be inspired with the presentation of our charming creations. An appointment reserved for up to four people per event, because our desire is to dedicate all the time you deserve.

What we will talk about in Bespoke Tales:

The story begins with the narration of the Brands and Values that have in common Lotyere and the selected Tailors.

Then get ready to discover the stages of production through the black and white shots of our photographer and immerse yourself in the Italian "Savoir Faire".

Discover the differences between the different leathers and let yourself be seduced by the feeling of softness of carefully selected fabrics.

Let yourself be enveloped by the story of the cuts and packaging of the master tailors.

And finally enjoy the moment of tasting a structured red wine. A guided tasting method AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) will exalt the story of flavors and aromas that recall the leather in one of the wines most loaded with essences of the Italian wine scene.

Bespoke Tales

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Demonstration drives only


Demonstration drives only


Demonstration drives only


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Demonstration drives only


An experiential journey along the threads of the brand’s story. A path of sounds, scents, contact with the finest leather and our precious metal. A journey of deepening in the artisan culture of the true "Made in Italy" and then let yourself be inspired with the presentation of our charming creations. We believe that to fully understand the Lotyere world, the best way is to experience it. For this reason we have created a guided path for your senses and we invite you to experience it at our Showroom in Milan, in Corso Monforte 7.

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For organizational reasons and for the application of the protocol anti Covid-19 to access you must be in possession of Green Pass base.

On this occasion it will be possible to buy Lotyere products and book a consultation session with the tailors.