Bespoke Exclusiveness

Bespoke means “been spoken for”. Lotyere opens its doors to the customer, letting him talk to the craftsmen who create the product and allowing him to take part of the process with the sense of community that represents the soul of the brand.
The aim is to give life to an object that meets the customer’s needs and wishes.


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How people style it

Let’s show your customer some idea pictures of product in real life / perfect way to use it to convince them buy your product

Unique Experience

The Lotyere "made to order" starts from little changes up to the customization of the whole object. The staff can make a study of colors and materials, of details, to be made together. In this way it will be really “made for you”.
Totally handmade. With a customization approach that involves craftsmen and uses different materials, from various kinds of leathers to little metallic parts, made precious by the customer’s style. People enter the firm to see any part of the manufacturing process; in this way they can think and create the product according to their needs and wishes.