Unusual Exclusivity

Lotyere offers you special and premium services strongly created to meet your specific daily needs. Feel free to contact us for more details and information about the special services.

How people style it

Let’s show your customer some idea pictures of product in real life / perfect way to use it to convince them buy your product

Personal Consultancy

You drive your choice getting more and best information to get it. A specific one to one dedicated Consulting on Product and Services by Live Streaming & at Showroom personal Meetings. Aimed to support you on your choices or define the ideal product fitted to your personal behavior and wishes.

Special Delivery

You move and same time the product moves with you. Anytime and everywhere you can move and at the same time the delivered product will reach you. The selected and ordered product will reach you anywhere you desire even if at last minute you change place for personal business issues or personal choices. In case of special gifts, we can arrange a special delivery for you with a Limousine service, including other nice gifts for your dears, such as flowers, special tickets or something else that tells about you.

Product Shape Fitting

You decide what you really think that’s great for you. A specialized person will support you in order to finalize a really unique product choosing among materials, colors, metal details and models. This premium service has been thought to finalize exactly things of the product really fitted on your body features.

Warranty Extension

Even if Lotyere products use only the highest quality materials and refined craftsmanship skills, you can decide to extend the warranty period (equal to 2 years by law) up to a coverage of 5 years. This service therefore allows you to have additional protection over time by covering you from any problem of production/ processing of the product purchased and preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your product always and optimally.