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Being nomadic is a state of mind, not a physical action. It’s a feeling, a way of living, always in progress, moving forward. It’s the wish of improving themselves continuously.

Our nomad moves fast, balancing search for style, minimalism and opulence. Charm and rationality can live together, under the tumbled leather. It’s a subtle sensation, like the curved path that emerges on the surface of the bag and reveals magic under the curtain of efficiency. A backpack can be ergonomic, it can be used as a briefcase, it can work as a gym bag without compromising the aesthetic of a palladium detail or the beauty of a grey color with delicate reflections.Border finishes are hand-painted and polished more and more times, the structural perfection is nearly architectural, thanks to volumes, functional closings, leather interiors. 


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The full joy living some free time after a work meeting, simply handling one bag for two different needs: from Business to Leisure.


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Lotyere’s Bleisure reflects the concept of smart luxury. Rectangular shape reminds the precision of geometry and the internal partition of spaces, together with the flexibility of sides built in a special way, allow the bag to be used as a travel accessory, or for gym as well, without giving up elegance.

The partition of spaces is studied to host clothes and shoes, as well as computers and work tools. Each area is closed with a silent zip. On the backside of Bleisure there are two pockets of 15 and 19 cm, while in the leather interior we find a padded pocket for the pc. Each detail is designed to match aesthetic and function: tubular handles finished on the borders, sides to be closed with a boar and to be hooked to an internal button in a light gold finishing; little pockets to carry phone and pens on the front part; nikel feet to lean on any surface.

Bleisure leather is made of tumbled calf in coarse grain, able to resist to stains and rain. The pockets of the lining show in the internal part the words “designed and entirely made in Italy”, to attest that the manufacturing process is completely Italian.

Bleisure Bag


Lotyere Bleisure Bag
reflects the concept of
a real smart luxury

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