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About us

Lotyere, registered in more than 30 countries in the world, is present at the market with 100% Made in Italy high leather goods collections (bags, small leather goods and accessories), whose value is based on a careful aesthetic refinement and selection of materials, on the skills and stylistic inspirations inside and on a production of excellence of the best Italian artisan workshops.

A proposal in the field of luxury accessories that combines the true essence of Exclusivity and Functionality with the offer of Exclusive Services. The Brand is aimed at people characterized by a sought-after socio-economic-cultural profile, who know how to recognize the quality of what they see and touch, eager to live it fully, in an essential and functional way and in their daily lives.

The naming of the brand Lotyere sees its origins in the early years 19th century, drawing inspiration from a story that stars a wealthy French family as protagonist. Driven by a strong spirit of enterprise, surrounded by passion and culture, it moves beyond its geographical and cultural boundaries, thus leaving the city of Paris to land in distant America, where it rediscovers a new and distinctive statement in the city of New York. A journey that goes beyond the vision of everyday life, an experience aimed at exploring new ways of interpreting the concept of Exclusivity as an active and pioneering part, with an inclusive approach.

Our Vision

Pure, authentic and rich beauty inside. For Lotyere luxury means Value and Beauty shown every day, and not exploitable only on certain occasions.

A rich cultural exchange between a community of people who have the same approach to things: able to think fast but rooted in the belief of a quality built with love and competence. For this reason, the “O” of Lotyere is open: like the community it represents: cosmopolitan, dynamic, yet rooted in a field of awareness.

People able to stop and reflect and at the same time to give rhythm to the world. Even objects respond to a double value: curved lines and rigorous at the same time.

Our Manifesto

Luxury has never been so evolved. It stops imposing itself from above and becomes a sharing of thought, an attitude to innovate, a desire to look beyond. The Lotyere philosophy is a Manifesto that combines reason and feeling. Born on a cultural terrain that assimilates elegance and function, to go beyond the line of style and common sense of fashion.

Lotyere affirms the natural right to beauty, to the Extraordinary Daily. It affirms the natural right to freedom: of movement, of choice, of culture, without falling into the rhetoric of the logo. The brand is imprinted in light gold for the women collection or palladium for man, almost iridescent, because the drivers of desire are personalities distinguished by the awareness of being, not of appearing. A set of values that creates a community, recalled by the "O" of its brand.

The natural drive to explore does not betray the ability to stop and reflect. The exceptional invades everyday life. Everything flows, everything is oriented towards improvement, always. For this reason, we love the word "perfectism": that it is not "perfect" nor "perfectible". It’s an aspiration to always improve.

The desire to always look for new solutions, with the certainty of two values: the historical heritage of great craftsmanship and the technology that pervades an object in an almost invisible way, allowing rational construction techniques to filter through without affecting the aesthetic charm.

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