Camera Bag

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The bag is made of full grain leather calfskin and is characterized by practicality and resistance with a capacity exploited to the fullest with the presence of a central access from above by means of double sliding zip and two side pockets with front pocket with flap that disappears inside and back pocket with access by means of zip. 

Shape & Design 

The product rich in space, despite the compact volume characteristic of a Camera Bag, is suitable for its use on the shoulder (vertical or transverse "cross body") both by means of the fast and easy interchangeability of the short handle can be carried by hand or through the arm.

The shoulder strap as well as the short handle are characterized by elements of refined refinement such as the hot-engraved carabiner and the shaped buckle, taking up the logo, built for the passage of the shoulder strap.

Product Inspirational Mood

The interior totally made of lambskin gives prominence to the different and bright colors of the product.

The construction of the bag allows you to play between the high structure of the Bridge (the inspiration brings us to the stylistic game of the bridge of Simone De Beauvoir Catwalk in Paris) and square points and corners like the lower part.

The broken side recalls the unique, elegant and refined opening detail typical of the collection, as well as the Top Handle and also the Backpack. The front seal playing with the light allows the product its memorability while maintaining maximum discretion in its details. 

More Details

The presence of the double zip allows a comfortable sliding and is characterized by the shape by the detail of the logo allowing, also thanks to the particular and skilful construction of the product, a full access allowing an easy entry of the hand inside.

The possibility of using the product with double shoulder strap, one to be carried on the shoulder; the other to wear the bag simply by hand. The quick change is made easy thanks to carabiners of small gold finish with the discreet engraving of the logo.